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Body Shaping Machine

৳ 320,000.00

Body Shaping Machine

1. Body slimming, wrinkle removal

2. Suitable to all kinds of skin

3. 5 systems together with 5 pcs handpieces  for different therapy

৳ 320,000.00


Application :

1)Ultrasonic cavitation slimming and Cellulite reduction
2) Intensive physical lipolysis
3) Fat burning, body shaping, body slimming
4) Wrinkle removal & lift skin & skin rejuvenation
5) Promote collagen regeneration
6) Promote metabolism


Feature :

1.Multiple handpieces for different therapy
2.”Plug and play” handpiece connector, import from France completely; stable function, long using time; unique assembly standard in China now.
Advantage of our handpiece connector: insulating material, automatically close when pulling handpiece avoid dust, water or other things inside, protect machine and people again any risk.
3.High quality machine shell material
4.Suitable to all kinds of skin and people
5.Comfortable, no pain, no scar in treatment 
6.Lower investment and higher income
Theory :

Utilizing the Radio frequency technology of unipolar RF, bipolar RF and Tripolar RF to remove wrinkles, skin lifting & tightening; taking ultrasound for cellulite exploding and melted down through RF. Vacuum absorption is equal to or even better than the effect of other famous system. Tripolar RF acts on cellulite of absorbed skin by vacuum. thus reaching the effect of deep cellulites removal.

Specification :
Output power  1000W
Display 7.4 inch color touch screen
Interface language English, Spanish, German, Italian, etc or according to your request
Machine size 52x39x37cm
Net weight 22kg
Package Aluminum alloy box
Package size 64x51x52cm
Cross weight 55kg
Cavitation  Frequency 40 KHz
Energy 1~50 W/cm2
Cavitation head diameter 50 mm
Tripolar RF Frequency 6 MHz
Energy 1~50 J/CM2
Treatment head diameter 22 mm
Bipolar RF  Frequency 6 MHz
Energy 1~50 J/CM2
Treatment head diameter 40 mm
Multipolar RF  Frequency 6MHz
Energy 1~50 J/CM2
Spot size 50mm
Vacuum + quad polar Vacuum pressure 40KPA
Frequency 6MHz
Energy 1-50J/CM2
Spot dia 70mm
Handles  H1: Cavitation

H2: Multipolar RF

H3: Tripolar RF

H4: Bipolar RF

H5: Vacuum + Quadpoar RF

Beofore and After :


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