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Advanced quality diabetic ulcers & beauty red LED light therapy wound healing equipment

৳ 1,116,900.00

Advanced quality diabetic ulcers & beauty red LED light therapy wound healing equipment

good quality diabetic ulcers red LED light therapy wound healing equipment

Model Number: KN-7000A1
phisycal therapy: red light therapy
RED LIGHT THERAPY: for wound healing

৳ 1,116,900.00


good quality diabetic ulcers red LED light therapy wound healing equipment 


Red light for wound healing KN-7000A1



 Application of red light in the medical field:

Red light is a light in the natural visible spectrum, whose wavelength range is 620~750nm. The light sensation of retina to this visible light is red, so it called red light. Red light has photochemical effect as well as thermal effect with strong penetration to human tissue. The penetration depth can up to 30mm that other wavelenghs of lights do not have, which have more obvious and direct biological effect.

 Biochemical action of red light:

(1) Efficient enzymatic reaction

(2) Cellular aerobic respiration

(3) Promote the growth of fibrocyte and endothelial cell

(4) Enhance immune function

(5) Improve Blood Circulation

(6) Relieve pain

In the early and middle of inflammation, the levels of local tissue serotonin increase and serotonin can make the body produce pain. Irradiation of red light can enhance affected lymph circulation, promote blood circulation, accelerate cellular metabolism and reduce the levels of serotonin in inflammatory sites, thus achieving the analgesic effect.

(7) Wound healing, cells of repairing

Red light can increase electron transfer of mitochondrial inner membrane to increase ATP synthesis, increase DNA and RNA synthesis to accelerate collagen synthesis, improve the activity of fibroblasts and promote the growth of granulation tissue, thus promoting wound healing. Meanwhile, it also can accelerate the wound healing and increase tension of injury, besides, make the lymphatic obstruction and capillaries repairing normally.

 Indications of red light therapy

Wound healing

various conventional surgical incisions, posttraumatic wound, incurable wound, acute or chronic wound.

Eliminating inflammation: bacterial infection inflammation, fungal infection inflammation, internal bacteria-free inflammation, virus infection inflammation.

Relieve pain

the pain caused by acute or chronic diseases related with wound and inflammation.good quality diabetic ulcers red LED light therapy wound healing equipment


KN-7000 series photodynamic therapy devices (red light)

are researched and developed by our company in 2015, which are exclusively used in eliminating inflammation and promoting wound healing. High power red light LED adopted is twice than other ordinary red light, which is more suitable for local wound fast healing and anti-inflammation.

Red light products can be divided to two categories and three models. According to application,

One kind is medical product KN-7000A1/A2

Function and features(KN-7000A1/A2):

Semiconductor solid cold light source, combined with unique optical system, provide super light
power intensity output and high-quality light spot,can achieve the best treatment effect
High-efficiency cooling system, perfect the functional balance,extend the working life
Freestyle cantilever design,large range of activities,treatment head can be adjusted in any angle,
which can meet the requirements of various clinical circumstances
The structure of humanized design can achieve precise position of exposure distance;
non-contact temperature monitoring device can make risk reduction
8” rotating color touch screen design, built-in 4 kinds of common treatment plans, easy to set up (KN-7000A1)
Freestyle activity pole design,large range of activities,treatment head and exposure angle can be
adjusted freely, which can position any parts
Light and small,trolley design for easy mobility, suitable for home use
Large character display interface,precise timing function, brief key function setting(KN-7000C1)

Clinical treatment effect pictures :

Diabetic patient postoperative wound

Treatment scheme:

2 treatments per day, first treatment is 5 minutes irradiation without bandage on lesion area and second treatment is 10 minutes with bandage on lesion area;  expose 3 parts separately each time, promote generation of granulation epithelial and promote anti-inflammation after 7-10days treatment.


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